Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Νερόμυλος (Watermill) - Field trip to Agia Theodora

If you are looking for a place to simply get away from the city for a few hours, eat good food, enjoy nature on a small hike and witness the magic of the chapel Agia Theodora, we have just the spot for you! There are two routes to get to Agia Theodora, one is the short but windy road with lots of debris from the fallen cliff rocks via Diavolitsi and the other is the long route via Megalopoli. We risked it and took the short route. It was scenic and breathtaking but yes, the driving at some mountain turns required extra care from the random fallen rocks blocking the road. Warning! This is not the route to take at night. We arrived at Neromylos (Watermill) Tavern and Grill and decided to stop for some lunch before going off to explore the area and the famous church.

There were a couple of different options as to where to sit. The inside of Neromylos Tavern was like a big log cabin with a beautiful big fireplace that was burning upon our arrival and the outside of the Tavern had tables set up right over the running creek water on the trees. These sitting areas resembled tree houses! We thought that we would get a taste of both. We planned our day so that we would have lunch inside by the fireplace, go for our hike to see the famous chapel, then come back for coffee and dessert atop one of the tree houses.

Prior to ordering, the server automatically brought us some warm brochettes with grilled tomato and garlic placed on top of village sour dough bread. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture to display as we were so hungry from the drive that we dug right into the brochettes. Our deepest apologies... We ordered a few different plates to share that included wild greens, homemade tarama, fried battered zucchini and a farm rooster with spaghetti. We were delighted with most of the dishes. The fried zucchini was much too greasy thus we had a difficult time eating more than one or two pieces each. The rest, however, was excellent, just like a home cooked meal. Our favourite was the farm rooster with spaghetti that was accompanied with homemade mitzithra cheese and tomato sauce. After lunch, the friendly server brought us some sliced apples with sweetened cherries for dessert.

As planned, post meal we followed the trail for a short hike toward the chapel in order to enjoy nature and simultaneously aid digestion. We visited the beautiful Agia Theodora that has quite a story as to how the 13 trees grow out of her roof. We followed the trail back to Neromylos where we sat to have our Greek coffees and our traditional Greek sweetened cherries "dessert of the spoon". The view, nature and the whole experience was very relaxing and perfect for our short getaway. Before we left to go back to Kalamata we visited the Tavern's watermill (where its name comes from) and we watched as the mill spun and ground the wheat to make flour.  Our little Saturday field trip was absolutely delightful! We recommend the spot and the tavern for your next weekend getaway.

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