Thursday, 5 March 2015

All American Burger at "The Burgery"

One rainy miserable day we needed a pick-me-up and decided on a burger with a view so we drove down to Kalamata beach and lunched at "The Burgery". Had the weather been sunny we would have chosen to sit on the patio along the beach but to avoid getting drenched, we picked a nice table for two on the balcony. The location was exactly what we needed to enjoy the rain rather than let it bring us down.

Having solved the issue of location, it was time for the comfort food. I chose the buffalo salad with breaded chicken, cheddar cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and cucumber but Iliana had a more difficult time deciding since she wanted a burger and there was quite a big selection. She decided to keep it simple and authentic, thus ordered the All American Burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions. Both of our meals were just what we needed. 

The burger really was "all American" with the focus of the meat patty being literally "on the meat" contrary to what we are used to with Greek meat patties that are filled with onions and different herbs. The presentation of the burger was also very neat as it was served with a knife thrusted right down the middle and thick potato wedges rather than skinny french fries. From the presentation and the flavours it was obvious that everything was made in-house staying true to their slogan "made fresh and with love". 

We enjoyed our afternoon and got all the comfort we were seeking on that rainy day. We will most certainly come back to sample some of the other "all American" burgers with their cool names like the California Burger, the Arugula Burger, the Plumber and the Firehouse Extra Spicy Burger...if we can only decide...

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