Friday, 28 November 2014

Mangiamo a Da Francesco!

Da Francesco is considered one of the high-end restaurants in Kalamata and is Italian in every way possible. Not only are the pizzas and pasta traditionally homemade but there are hints of the Italian language periodically sounding from the kitchen. To the Da Francesco staff, cooking is an art. The mushrooms are foraged from the local mountains by the owner himself and we were lucky enough to witness him olive tasting a few tables down from us. The server's eyes would even light up when she explained the foraging, cooking and execution of some of the dishes. There were so many delicious options on the menu that we couldn't chose, so as an exception, the server offered to recreate the portions of the pasta dishes so that we could sample a variety.

Regardless, we ordered way too much food for two people but we absolutely couldn't resist. We decided to go big or go home! The evening started with two different salads, their mixed greens and the tomato and mozzarella salad, and a bowl of their mushroom soup of the day. The next round was a mushroom and saffron dish with freshly foraged mushrooms that they called "little roosters". The entrees followed with  three pasta plates, ravioli with tomato sauce, risotto with wild asparagus and wild mushrooms and finally, half twisted pasta with tuna. I almost forgot to mention the thin crust Prociutto and rocket lettuce pizza that arrived along with the pastas. Every dish was unique in its flavours and paired very well with the house white wine that was served.

Although we were stuffed to the brim after eating almost all of the food on the table, (seriously, very little food was packed to take home) the restaurant was kind enough to treat us to every single one of their desserts! We couldn't object because they didn't ask. They simply brought the desserts to us. The semi freddo chocolate mousse was my personal favourite. Iliana really liked their panna cotta with homemade strawberry syrup.

Overall, we had a great dining experience. We ate way too much and needed club soda to aid our digestion but we left with our tummies satisfied. Da Francesco is located at the Marina of Kalamata and is a great date restaurant for romantic couples. And if I am not convincing enough, they had the champions league football game playing on mute at one end of the restaurant. A smart way to keep both the ladies and gents satisfied without taking away from the ambience of the restaurant. Gracie! Tutto era molto delizioso!

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