Saturday, 15 November 2014

Morning Coffee at 'Bread'

And so it begins with a morning cup of coffee...

Yesterday morning we decided to try out 'Bread Bakery & Deli', one of the popular coffee shops in the Kalamata city centre that is famous for its good quality coffee and its traditional Greek sweets. It is a deli style cafe with little room to sit indoors but a nice corner patio to sit outdoors. In sunny Kalamata, it's always nice to sit outdoors. Iliana ordered a Greek coffee and I had a Fredo espresso; both exceeded our expectations. We also ordered a cupcake to share, and I must admit, it was the first time a Greek establishment made a cupcake the traditional American way with a moist chocolate cake base and the perfect combination of butter and icing sugar on top. Usually what you would find advertised as cupcakes are muffins topped with swirly icing, but at 'Bread', they nailed it!

Our coffee experience was quite pleasant, however, I was quite taken aback when I saw a pigeon fly right into the establishment's kitchen area. The staff seemed quite used to the visitor and continued about their work as if this was a normal occurrence. Another pigeon flew into the sitting area and casually nibbled on any crumbs that had fallen under our bar stools. I must say, although at first I was surprised, the young staff's animal friendly behaviour made me approve of the store's culture and will be sure to return. After all, the pigeons were just minding their own business and were not becoming a sanitation hazard. The coffees and cupcake definitely met our expectations and on our next visit we will have to sample some of their savoury goods like a slice of pizza, a calzone or a baguette sandwich.

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