Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Brunch

There are few places one can go in Kalamata for Sunday brunch. One of our favourites, and the one we chose to visit today, is Athanasiou by the Kalamata Port. The Athanasiou chain of pastry shops and cafes has a long history. The original Athanasiou was established in 1938 and since then, the family has expanded their brand not only in Kalamata but as far as Boston and Panama. It began solely as a pastry shop and now caters to coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert.

One of the many reasons we like to visit this specific Athanasiou location is the view. The shop has a balcony that overlooks the port right along Navarinou Street, and on sunny days it is breathtaking. Today we decided to sample their omelettes off the brunch menu. In the past I have ordered the eggs benedict but for those looking for real hollandaise sauce, this is not the place for you as their version of hollandaise sauce is a homemade mayonnaise variation. I personally was not too impressed. The omelettes, on the contrary, are delightful.  Today we sampled the egg white omelette with spinach, herbs and light goat cheese, as well as the omelette with prosciutto and Provolone cheese. Unfortunately, they were out of Provolone and we had to replace it with Greek Manouri cheese which was delicious nonetheless. We also ordered two Americanos to accompany our brunch.

The food tasted great and definitely met our expectations. We do, however, have some tips for you. We recommend that you ask for whole wheat bread with your brunch because their whole grain toast is quite good. Also, if you ask for some marmalade with your bread they give it to you free of charge and it is absolutely worth it! It is homemade and they have an assortment of flavours depending on the seasonal fruit. My personal favourite is the apricot but I would love to try the fig jam one day. I have to admit, the service is inconsistent and can be quite slow. The staff is always quick to fix mistakes that they make on their orders and are very friendly so just be patient and enjoy the view as you wait.

Athanasiou by the port has been, and will continue to be one of our favourite brunch spots. If you want to learn more about the Athanasiou brand, please follow the link below. We will be sure to visit some of their other locations and report back here at the Eatery Kalamata.

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