Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Trilogia - Because beach weather is here!

If you are looking for somewhere to dine along the Kalamata beach Boardwalk for lunch, dinner or coffee, Trilogia is a good choice. First, there is a view from anywhere you might be sitting, either overlooking the waters of the Meditteranean or the swimming pools of the luxury hotel next door. Furthermore, the interior design of the restaurant is quite the view in itself whether you are outside on the beachfront deck, the balcony or inside the grand ballroom. For the best view, we sat on the balcony and it was worth it!

Now let's talk food. The server automatically dropped a plate of olive pâté with lalagia (fried bread sticks) on our table as well as a basket of warm bread. We ordered a green salad and zucchini fritters as starters. Iliana had the chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and I had the grilled sardines and the grilled veggies. Each plate was tastier than the next. The service was quick and pleasant, and to top it off, we were treated to fruit and halva for dessert served in a steel pan.

The view, the food and the service were excellent and definitely worth the price. The menu selection was great with options for everyone's preferences. The type of food served at Trilogia is Greek gourmet. The indoor ballroom is ideal for big events like parties, baptisms or even weddings. We would most certainly consider this venue for any of our personal events in the future.

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