Sunday, 24 May 2015

Blossom Owl - Drip coffee with brunch.

At the heart of the Valaoritou square is where you will find the unique cafe "Blossom Owl". What's so special about this cafe are the many different types of coffee that they serve and the intricate coffee machines that grind the beans and drip the coffee as you sit and watch from the square. 

We paid a visit to Blossom Owl on a Sunday with a craving for brunch. We were warned that their kitchen stove was limited to one element that day and that there would be a conciderable wait for brunch so we decided to order a couple of coffees in the meantime. I had the Ethiopean beans drip coffee and Iliana her usual double Greek coffee that was served with two cubes of Turkish Delight. We ordered the Blossom Owl Breakfast that consisted of four courses, an omelette, cheese and meat plate, yogurt with fruit and a sweet mini crepe. This meal was served with orange juice and coffee.  We also ordered an egg and pancake with maple syrup. 

We enjoyed our coffees as we waited for brunch to arrive. As we had been informed, each plate came out one at a time with quite a wait inbetween. The Blossom Owl breakfast was great and filling. I was a bit disappointed with the pancake and egg since all the ingredients were stacked one on top of the other and were swimming in a puddle of maple syrup rather than having the greens on the edge of the plate and the maple syrup on the side. 

The wait was actually so long that our brunch ran into lunch and we decided to share a waffle sandwich as we felt the time was appropriate. The waffle sandwich was nice. From all the dishes our favourites were the omelette, the yogurt and the waffle sandwich. The very friendly server treated us to two fruit smoothie shots that were delicious. Overall, other than the maple syrup puddle, we really enjoyed our experience at Blossom Owl and can't wait to go back and try yet another funky drip coffee.

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