Friday, 17 April 2015

FoxTrot - Somewhere trendy, outdoors and with good coffee

The weather is finally warming up and summer is just around the corner. This is the time of year where we look to take our morning coffee outdoors, somewhere trendy, somewhere happening and of course, somewhere with good coffee. We are excited to announce that we found everything we were looking for at "FoxTrot"! FoxTrot is a cafe and cocktail bar that recently opened their doors and garden patio to the public, right in the heart of Kalamata's centre. No doubt, on a sunny day, their outdoor seating area is more than welcoming with different levels and planters full of flowers in bloom, however, the inside of this cafe/bar is also unique consisting of different rooms, each with its own character and decor.

Since we came for coffee, let's talk coffee... well, as usual, Iliana ordered her Greek coffee, double today, and in a big cup. I had my Cafe Americano. The hot beverages were perfect because although the sun is out it's still nice to warm up with a cup of hot coffee. We were very satisfied with both coffees but not so much with the cookies that they served, however, that's our subjective taste. The music was chill lounge music and the place definitely had a cool vibe.

FoxTrot also has a huge selection of teas for the tea lovers out there. Our next visit will certainly involve a tea sample. Note to those looking for evening coffee, although the place functions as a bar at night, last call for coffee service is at 9:00pm and even earlier for food and snacks. FoxTrot is definitely a bumping place and a great "go-to" cafe for coffee dates. Perhaps you'll bump into us here on our coffee dates in the future...

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