Friday, 6 February 2015

Vino Banco - Tapas Bar

The Spanish and the Greeks have one thing in common when it comes to food. They like to share small dishes known as tapas or mezes (in Spanish and Greek respectively), meanwhile enjoying their favourite alcoholic drink, usually wine. This is why Vino Banco - Tapas Bar fits right into the Kalamata culture. Apart from the very Barcelonian, Gaudi inspired interior design, the menu includes an assortment of Greek and Spanish tapas that we found to be very tasty and original in their presentation.

One thing that made us fall in love with Vino Banco was the ambiance. The place has such good vibes! The jazz music playing through the speakers perfectly fit the dim lights and the tall bar stool dining experience. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the servers were running different tapa dishes in every direction of the restaurant/bar. The art pieces on the walls also caught our attention as they varied so much but at the same time harmoniously fit together.

Now to get to the important part, the food! Truth is, we ordered a lot for two people, starting with a glass of house red wine and a Grimbergen wheat beer (if you haven't tried wheat beer before, you must!). From the food items we picked the fava with octopus, the mini brochettes, the grilled vegetable skewers with manouri cheese (times two because it was that good!) and finally, the falafal wrapped in little pitas. All the dishes were unique and exceeded our expectations. It was obvious that the ingredients were fresh and to some extent local.


Although we were so full, the restaurant was kind enough to treat us to dessert. They brought out a plate with ravani and a chocolate log cake. Both were excellent and just right to cure the after dinner sweet tooth. My personal favourite was the chocolate log, whereas Iliana preferred the ravani. To conclude, Vino Banco is the perfect place to have a drink and/or dine any evening of the week. The place if full of life, art, culture and really good food! Salud!

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