Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hidden Gem for MEAT lovers

Χασαποταβέρνα - Τα Κοψίδια
(Butcher/tavern - Ta Kopsidia)

This past thursday, the entire Greece had its BBQs blazing as they grilled meat of all sorts for the tradition of Tsiknopempti (the last day to eat meat before the great lent!). We too wanted to join in on the meat indulging celebration and picked the two-in-one butcher and tavern, "Ta Kopsidia". We had never been there before and since we are both very picky about our meat we first decided to pay the butcher portion of the store a visit. There we were informed that all the meats are local and the majority are certified organic. Furthermore, the butcher explained to us that they also supplied meats from their own local farms. As soon as we heard the words local and organic, we were sold and made a reservation for the big meat feast.

The tavern portion of the store was a very warm and welcoming space with everything Greek on the walls. There hung preserved drachmas, old Greek newspapers, black and white family photos and even religious icons. The decorations definitely took us back in time. We were lucky enough to be seated up against the wall that separated the tavern from the butcher and through the windows we got to witness the butcher chopping up the lamb chops that we ordered and then grilling them on the long meat loaded grill.

Speaking of food, time to share our dinner order. We asked to start off with wild greens and Greek home fries sprinkles with feta cheese. We also ordered cheese croquettes and baked feta. For the main course, as mentioned above, we ordered one kilo of lamb chops that were served to us with grilled bread lathered in extra virgin olive oil and oregano. The food did not disappoint! It was excellent! Even vegetarians would have a hard time resisting. Our two favourites from the dishes that we ordered were the baked feta served in aluminum foil strait out of the oven, and of course, the succulent lamb chops that were literally grilled to perfection.

When we finished our dinner and our two halves of the house wine, the tavern offered us some desserts. They brought out a homemade ravani and a traditional Greek walnut cake. Both desserts were just the right size and sweetness to cure the after dinner sweet tooth. Overall, we had a great experience at "Ta Kopsidia" and like to think that we discovered a hidden gem for the meat lovers in our city. We definitely recommend it!

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