Sunday, 4 January 2015

Roma Pizza Paralia - Not just a chain restaurant

We aren't accustomed to including big chain restaurants in this blog, however, Roma Pizza by the beach is far from your typical chain restaurant. The place is very much a family run establishment proudly run by the same owners for 33 years. The employees also feel as they are one big family because they too have been working in the same Roma Pizza family environment for numerous years. Acquiring this information was such a pleasant surprise that we couldn't resist but include Roma Pizza in our blog.

Walking into the restaurant we felt a warm ambiance and the feeling of walking into a rustic Greek home. The place was beautifully decorated for the holidays with the biggest Christmas tree we have witnessed in an interior space in Kalamata. We walked up the stairs to sit on the balcony level and got a table close to the fireplace that was conveniently burning firewood for the duration of our dinner.

We ordered a tuna salad to share and we each had a small personalized pizza. Iliana ordered the "Special" however, I gave a very difficult pizza order with an array of veggies, pineapples and no cheese of any sort. Of course, we also ordered red wine. The food came in a timely manner and was not only delicious but just the right amount to leave us comfortably full. My pizza arrived just as I had asked which was a pleasant surprise since most places get it wrong. It seems the Roma Pizza staff were up for the challenge!

Finally, the server brought us each a glass of homemade liquor, on the house. It was just right to cure the after dinner sweet tooth. I believe the flavour we were offered was cinnamon but the server notified us that the flavours change depending on the season. Both Iliana and I liked this gesture as an alternative to offering dessert when already full which is what happens at many other restaurants.


Overall, after our experience, we don't find it odd that Roma Pizza has survived the challenges of time and remains busy in the beach area during the winters as well as the summers. The family environment in combination with good food and obviously fresh ingredients have clearly payed off over the years. We are definitely going back for more!

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