Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Cafe - Cine...with a view

Today Iliana and I decided to step outside the boundaries of the Kalamata city centre and have a cup of coffee somewhere different. We stopped at Cafe-Cine located on the drive heading to the western beach of Kalamata. The cafe is in a two storey stand alone building with a terrace on the first floor and a balcony on the second floor overlooking the city's tennis club and the endless blue waters of the Mediterranean. The view is absolutely breathtaking from here. The cafe interior is a harmonious mix of old and new with abstract paintings on the walls sharing the space with old movie posters. We also spotted a juke box and some antique musical instruments.

After exploring all of our options, we decided to sit upstairs to enjoy our coffees on a comfortable couch, of course, facing the view. I ordered my usual Americano and Iliana chose a double Greek coffee. The desserts on their menu were so tempting that we also ordered a traditional Greek Ekmek with Kadaifi. Cafe-Cine uses the Spinos coffee brand which isn't my personal favourite but I support their choice of brand because it is local. It was evident in the dessert and the coffees that they did their best to use local products. The Ekmek was as delicious as homemade Ekmek should be.

We were informed that in the summer, every Thursday, Cafe-Cine plays an old movie in an outdoor cinema setting for their customers. This concept really got us looking forward to the summer months when we too can join the Thursday night movie spectators at Cafe-Cine. What we like about this cafe was that it really is different. It's not the place you go to if you want to see and be seen. Opposite, it's a quiet and friendly cafe where one can read a book or bring a laptop to do work, enjoying a relaxing morning overlooking the sea. No doubt, the 1 euro espressos are a catch as well.

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