Friday, 19 December 2014

Sushi Anyone?

I was over the top excited to hear that a sushi bar was opening in Kalamata! In fact, so excited that I called Iliana and insisted that we go on opening night. We arrived at Casa Grande to find that the owners had taken over  the second floor of a Neo Classical building and beautifully designed the interior and exterior by mixing rustic with modern materials. The atmosphere was literally "bumping!" The place was packed with people, the music was lively and fit the scene. The sushi chef was chopping away as the drinks were pouring from every angle of the bar.

After waiting quite some time and after asking several servers, we finally received a menu. We were understanding since the place was packed and it was opening night. However, when looking at the menu, we didn't understand how it was possible for a California Roll to cost 11 euros!! Yikes! The prices for the rolls were out of this world, seriously! Not even in Athens let alone London does one pay 11 euros for a California Roll or 7.50 euros for a salmon roll.

We were disappointed to come to terms with the fact that this was not a sushi place that we would just pop into for lunch and dinner on a regular basis... Out of curiosity and for the blog's sake we ordered the sushi combo that was served with approximately 17 pieces of a mix of sushi and rolls. the food arrived in a timely fashion, considering how busy the place was. It was obvious though that the server had never served sushi before and did not know that it is proper etiquette to bring soy sauce to the table. When we asked for the soy sauce, it was confirmed how unfamiliar with the whole concept the server was since he brought one small round dish for us to share the soy sauce rather than one for each.

The food itself was really quite tasty. I can't say I felt we got "bang for our buck" but the flavours didn't disappoint. Casa Grande is definitely a cool, trendy and fun place to go for drinks and if you are keen on overpriced sushi, at least you'll know that it tastes good. We recommend a visit for a cocktail or a glass of wine because the interior design and the atmosphere are worth experiencing. We'll be sure to give Casa Grande another try on a not so busy night.

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