Thursday, 4 December 2014

Stolidi Ena, το ένα και μοναδικό!

"Stolidi Ena" in Kalamata's city centre is simply irresistible. The cafe is located in a Neo Classical aristocratic home formerly owned by a doctor and currently inherited by his grandson (or so we're told the story goes...). The home is beautifully kept inside and out and is very inviting. As soon as we arrived, we had the sense that we had to take our shoes off because we were entering someone's very nice and clean house!

This cafe is truly amazing and hard to describe in words, you simply must see it. It is a marvellous place to go enjoy your coffee, your lunch, or a glass of wine served with something to nibble on. It's especially neat in the spring and summer period with its backyard terrace full of trees and beautiful flowers. It's like having your meal inside "the secret garden".

We ordered two different types of Greek herbal teas. Not only were the teas tasty and soothing but the experience was quite nice since they were served in pretty porcelain tea cups. Chrissa made up her mind for a chocolate cake (which the server explained was one of their specials) and I decided to have a savoury snack, thus ordered the chicken pie. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how quickly we cleaned our plates and furthermore, how I also picked away at the chocolate cake!

After such a delightful experience at Stolidi Ena I definitely recommend. The atmosphere is really enjoyable and each room in the house is unique. You may find it difficult to decide where to sit because not only will you have the dilemma of whether sit in or outdoors but if you choose to sit inside, you will not know which of the perfectly decorated rooms to pick. This is definitely one of Kalamata's hidden treasures and worth a visit.

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