Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mylos at Pidima (or swan lake?)

When it's hot and muggy some summer nights it's nice to escape the city and visit the neighbouring villages. Last night we picked Pidima, known for its abundant streams of fresh mountain water. Mylos is a traditional tavern built around a pond formed by these fresh water streams. While dining beside the pond, the ducks, geese and swans are sure to come look you in the eyes begging to share your food.

Now speaking of food, Mylos is a self-serve tavern with only a few but extremely delicious items on their menu (actually, there is no tangible menu we are aware of). We went into the traditional newly renovated stone building, decorated with paintings of olive groves, and placed our order for one Greek salad and the house specialties, village style spaghetti and roast chicken with home fries. Of course we also ordered wine and were given a glass carafe to go fill from the spring waters.

The food, as always, was just as expected, simple yet exceptional! We ate so fast because everything was so tasty! Once we finished dining, we went for a little strole along the pond to see if we could get a better look at the birds and possibly spot some eels. We also crossed the little bridge that took us to a children's playground. On our way out, we walked down to the still preserved communal washing machine powered by the pressure of the running stream water.

Mylos is surrounded by acres of land which means there is ample parking during the busy summer nights and some farm animals kept as pets grazing beside the parking lot. The food is great as is the friendly service. The ambiance from the running spring waters and the surrounding nature truly makes this place unique and a must visit!

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