Friday, 26 June 2015

Thraka (Η Θράκα) - Our neighbourhood grill

Although we are fully into summer beach season, some evenings we prefer to keep it close and simple and visit our neighbourhood's "eateries". Last night we chose Thraka (Η Θράκα), a small mom and pop restaurant/grill equipped for a sit-down dinner and also for takeaway. The place is small, simple and warm and the staff is not only welcoming but they also give the place a family feel.

Being in the meat and cheese kind of mood we were quick to choose an order of feta, traditional pulled pork and some grilled chicken with fries. We had been informed that the zucchini fritters at Thraka were a must try so we placed an order as a starter. Our eyes were hungrier than our stomachs but regardless, we managed well because everything was very tasty. The pulled pork was delightful as were the zucchini fritters but I have to take my hat off to the grill for their chicken. It was so juicy! Even what you would expect to be the driest pieces had well absorbed their specialty marinate.

We left Thraka stuffed and content. Luckily we walked to this neighbourhood spot and could walk back to aid digestion. We were very happy with our experience. The interior is simple and the food is just right. Furthermore, dining at Thraka, we too felt like we were part of the family. We'll be sure to try their takeaway pitas and souvlakia next time.

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