Sunday, 14 June 2015

Elektra Hotel - Dinner with a pool and a view

Saturday night is always a good time to find an excuse to dress up and dine out. Our swanky restaurant of choice was "Taratza", the rooftop restaurant/cocktail bar at Elektra Hotel. The epicenter of the dining area is a well lit swimming pool and the view below is of the Kalamata port. In other words, there is a view in any direction you choose to look. The hostesses are attractive and welcoming and the sense of fine-dining is in the ambiance.

Our server helped us decide on drinks. She was very knowledgable with wine pairing and very patient and pleasant. We decided that rosé wine paired best with the seared sea bass with quinoa that I ordered and white wine for Iliana's mixed salad with greens and grapes. 

The wine was served with two bread buns and a spread, then followed the main courses. My dish was excellent. The flavours paired well and the fish was seared to perfection. Iliana was a bit disappointed in the portion of the salad. Although the server and the price indicated that the salad would be sufficient and filling, the dish proved otherwise. 

Our overall experience was positive. The prices are those of fine-dining so expect to spend around €25 per person for a full dining experience with two courses and wine. The service was pleasant as was the view, no doubt! 

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