Friday, 3 November 2017

Κάπως Αλλιώς...

Last night was a good night to get a local bite to eat so we headed down to the marina to "Kapos Allios", a Greek tavern style restaurant. The place had a traditional environment with a big painting of a Greek man dancing and agricultural items were hung from the walls and ceiling. We arrived a bit early for dinner and thus, we were the first ones there but good thing we did because the place filled up fast! We chose to sit on the elevated platform that was really cozy and gave us a nice view from up top.

And now to talk about the important part, the food! The menu was extensive and what intrigued us most, other than the huge selection, were the low prices. Truth is, we had asked around about this place before paying it a visit and the reviews we got were that the food was delicious and the prices were apparently the most competitive in the neighbourhood for this style of tavern food. We confirmed this for ourselves last night.

We ordered a half litre of wine and several dishes to accompany it. We ordered wild greens, tirokafteri (spicy cheese dip), grilled vegetables, fried mushrooms in batter, grilled potatoes, tigania chicken (in a pan) and beef liver that was served with fries, rice and grilled veggies. The food arrived at our table in a timely fashion and each dish was more delicious than the next. We particularly liked the grilled potatoes that were accompanied by a very good yogurt sauce as well as the fried mushrooms. It was all great, really. Although we had stuffed ourselves to the brim, we couldn't turn down the server's offer to treat us to some mosaic for dessert. That too was tasty and just right for the after meal sweet tooth.

 The service was excellent and what we noticed was that although the place was very traditional and archaic, in a way, the staff was all young with pleasant friendly faces.  We really enjoyed our experience and are sure to be back for more, especially since our friends were absolutely right about getting a bang for your buck!

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