Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Baba Yaga, has Style

We decided to wait a few weeks after their grand opening before experiencing Baba Yaga, in order to give the new restaurant/cafe-bar a chance to perfect their operation. Walking into the establishment we were enthused and impressed with the amount of work that has gone into the interior decorating. The fine details of vintage and modern design really please the eye and create an atmosphere that simply makes you feel good. One more detail that we noticed and were very impressed with was how conservatively the staff were dressed, the opposite of what you find in bars and restaurants these days.

Now for the good part, the food! We arrived early, before lunch, thus ordered a cup of coffee and a cup of tea to sip on until it was time to eat. Meanwhile, we examined the menu and decided on four items to try. From the salads we picked the lentil salad, as an appetizer we ordered the fried eggs with slivers of potato and as our main courses we had the classic burger and the seafood 'manestra'.

The main courses were both excellent and the appetizer, although more suited for salt lovers, was pleasantly interesting in its presentation. Furthermore, for those who love garlic, a lot of it, the lentil salad is for you. Again, another detail that caught our eye was the beautiful selection of china they use to serve the coffees and the food.

We really enjoyed our time at Baba Yaga and the friendly service made the difference. The food is gourmet and the prices reflect that style of food, but regardless, they are approachable. One of the aspects of Baba Yaga that we really like is that one can come here and enjoy the ambiance at any time of day since the place offers everything from coffees, brunch, lunch and dinner to wine and cocktails for the night crowd.

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