Monday, 17 October 2016

Fernando for Authentic Spanish Food

We had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Fernando Spanish Restaurant this past Saturday evening. We weren't sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised with the whole experience and the live band that played music beautifully all evening. The restaurant is located on Navarinou road, right on the beach front, and consists of two floors as well as a wrap around balcony for dining. The decorations are of authentic spanish colours and artifacts including hanging meat for cold cuts. The servers wore aprons that resembled flamenco dancers and the chef/owner had a traditional Spanish hat. The best part was the giant paella dish set in the middle of the room where we could watch the chef at work.

We were pleasantly welcome to our table and since this was opening night Fernando had prepared a set menu for the guests. We found our first dish with small horderves already waiting for us as at the table, well as a pitcher of sangria and tomato based salsa for dipping. The first plate was excellent! Each bite was better than the next. We got to sample muscles served in a traditional way, fritata, spanish bruschetta and two small fritters. As soon as we finished our first dish, the seafood paella followed. We were excited to try it as we had been watching the chef prepare it from the time we walked in. The paella did not disappoint, it was excellent! We especially enjoyed that there was plenty of seafood in the dish. They also offered a meat version but we decided to stay traditional and stick to seafood.

Finally, we were served a traditional dessert. It was a warm pudding with apple sauce and raisins, which was also delicious and sweet. The service was delightful not only from the smiling and very competent servers but also from the owner himself who not only got us up and dancing but he also came around to each table to make sure the food was perfect, and is was.

We definitely recommend sampling this new place in town and giving another Mediterranean culture a chance to share its gastronomic flavours We will certainly be back to check out the full menu and sample some spanish wine. Fernando does not yet have an online presence so we have included the contact information below.

Address: Navarinou 119
Telephone: 27210-25165

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