Friday, 11 March 2016

Street Pasta

In the heart of Kalamata's historic centre there are a lot of different options for dining out. One of these options is Street Pasta, a small pasta place with an artistic touch in its interior design and its dishes. The place is quite small, so indoor seating is limited but cozy. We sat in the back of the pasta place and the wall of rock concert tickets, of which the owner had personally attended, caught our eye as a cool personal touch.

The menu had an array of pasta dishes as well as salads and appetizers. It was quite late so we decided to keep it simple with a pasta dish each and a glass of wine to pair. The server was kind and easily swapped linguini with the penne noodles in the mushroom pasta dish that we asked for. We also ordered the "Greek" pasta that had olives, veggies and chunks of cheese. The server asked if we would like it at all spicy and we said mild if possible.

Our dinner arrived quite quickly and it was neat to watch the chef working on our food as this establishment has an open kitchen. The mushroom dish was excellent but we were a bit disappointed in the "Greek" dish because it was overwhelmingly spicy. It was a good thing that we only ordered two dishes because the pasta was quite hearty and we left feeling stuffed.

Overall Street Pasta has made a good effort to create a different pasta concept. The place is trendy, the staff is friendly but the food, at least this time around, was nothing to brag about. That being said, there was a huge selection of pasta on the menu so we will be back again for round two.

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