Monday, 28 September 2015

Loufa and Good Souvlaki

Slowly, as the weather cools,  the crowds of Kalamata are moving towards the city centre and away from the beach. We haven't entirely abandoned the beach front yet but for our Saturday evening snack we chose to go to Loufa in the historic centre. This souvlaki joint is excellent in every way. The outdoor seating spills out onto the pedestrian friendly narrow road where restaurants, bars and small boutiques create a very European atmosphere. The seating is long bench style tables with cushions and an open kitchen so you can see your souvlaki being grilled.

We were looking for a snack rather than a big meal so we ordered a couple of small things, even though we were tempted to order the entire menu since everything brought out to the customers sitting close to us looked and smelled really good. Iliana ordered two chicken souvlakis and home fries and I had a pita. I asked for feta cheese to be substituted in the place of the meat because I was having a vegetarian moment. The dishes were not served in dishes but were actually served on wax paper the traditional way. Iliana's entire meal, souvlaki, toasted bread with olive oil and potatoes were all placed  in front of her on the wax paper.

The food was delicious. We devoured it in second. Everyone around us seemed to be eating eagerly. The service was very pleasant and quick, considering that the place was quite busy compared to the shops around it. We were very satisfied and will most certainly go back for another souvlaki fix. We recommend Loufa if you are looking for a good but cost friendly place to eat.

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